Custom Orders & Terms of Service

We appreciate your interest in working with us on a custom order.  A custom order is just that; an item you’d like us to make especially for you that is not part of our current inventory.

You will (or have already) receive a detailed description of the product we are making just for you based on your input, by email.  Be sure to review this document carefully and return to us by email.  Change orders can affect the cost of the project dramatically ($25 per change), so it’s best to make sure you know exactly what you are getting BEFORE we begin.  The cost of the product is also identified on this document, as per our discussions, whether by phone, email, text or messenger.

Due to the nature of this custom item, we require full payment in advance plus estimated shipping costs (if the shipping is higher, we will waive the difference and if less, we will issue a refund).  Please note, within 24 hours of payment, you can cancel your order and we will refund you any monies sent, less fees, if applicable. 

Thereafter, your order is considered placed and we will commence purchasing materials needed, begin construction, and communicate (by email) an estimated completion date (typically 2-3 weeks and if longer, we will let you know). 

Please note, because this is a custom item, we cannot offer any refunds except in the case of a product malfunction beyond normal wear and tear.   At our discretion, we may accept the bag back in NEW condition and offer an in-store credit. A 50% restocking fee will be deducted from the credit balance.

If you’re ready to proceed, please click the button below and enter the amount stated in the Custom Order Form Confirmation you previously received and returned by email.  Thank you!

P.S.  Your credit card will show the charge being from Webeze, LLC, which is our parent company.